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Mission and Goals


This website is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of individuals and organizations that are interested in health care ethics in general and more specifically in how pharmacy ethics may advance the professional aspects of pharmacy practice to improve healthcare systems and therapeutic outcomes for the patients we serve. The primary focus will be on academic applications of contemporary and applied pharmacy ethics. The goal is to make this website a vehicle for the free exchange of ideas under the umbrella of subjects related to pharmacy ethics. The targeted populations will be both teachers and students who are interested in the social and administrative aspects of pharmacy. This statement of focus should not be considered a barrier for others who are interested in this subject matter.


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Student Research Papers


The first phase of this project will be the publication of pharmacy ethics research papers submitted by students enrolled in a pharmacy ethics class. The Doctor of Pharmacy Curriculum at Wayne State University requires students to enroll in a 2-credit Pharmacy Ethics and Professional Responsibility course offered in the fall semester of the P-3 year. Completion of a term research paper dealing with the topic of their choice relating to pharmacy practice is the final project at the end of the semester.


Students are given the option of publishing their papers on this site with their names or having papers published anonymously or not published at all



Future Phases


  1. Links to other pages of relevance
  2. Open discussion forum of current ethical issues 
  3. Faculty and Student interactions online
  4. Access to faculty and others in academic institutions who will share ideas, insights, teaching methodologies, assessment tools  and participate in online discussions
  5. Case studies and exchange of strategies on how to approach best practices for dealing with ethical dilemmas. 


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